Too much peopling..

I literally want to crawl into some underground tunnel and go into hibernation for a decade at least.

My friend once said how can anyone have this many relatives. Another one said if you bring all your relatives in one area it will easily be declared a separate state.

Well. Too much of human interaction isnt healthy for me (to my future employers, it’s a joke and I am funny person lol).

So I was saying, overwhelming amount of socializing leave my senses screaming for mercy.

Remember that scene in Tom and Jerry when Jerry flips a pan on Tom’s head and smashes something on it and it goes tonnnnnnnnnnnn…

Imagine I am Tom.

This is what I feel if I am made to sit between more than 20 people for 4 to 5 consecutive days.

And I don’t follow that series they are watching. Not following fashion trends they are Phd at. And oh! Above all, you are wierd if you don’t know about personal lives of your entire clan and their neighbors and your neighbors, of course you are a careless person who doesn’t pay attention to important pieces of information

And God forbid if you accidently blurt out “I don’t know, I don’t care”, you are dead.

No matter how soft your tone was, gossip lovers don’t like it.


I fought urge to buy books but this lured me into committing this stupidity again..

Stupidity because I have 3 more book added to a long list of unread books.

– Men without women by Murakami

– Teachings of rumi

– Sea prayer by Khalid Hossieni. (Got this purely because of estethics. It’s a beautiful book)

So maybe I will take some books to my hibernation tunnel.

That’s all folk’s

Take care.


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34 thoughts on “Too much peopling..

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  1. Yesterday afternoon despite a list of “things to do” i lay down on the couch and read my book. i’m reading Becoming by Michelle Obama.I read for an hour and was considerably refreshed. So good on ‘ya for getting more books.

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  2. This was so relieving to read , I forgot how exhausting it is to socialize because Iโ€™ve let it consume me . I canโ€™t sometimes go a day with out seeing one of my friends, would get irritated when they cancel on coming over .

    In my inner opinion though , I really think
    Itโ€™s good to have โ€˜enoughโ€™ of people , get suffocated by their interaction ,
    Instead of relying on people to actually have a normal day .

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      1. But isnโ€™t it so hard finding people who donโ€™t judge . People donโ€™t ever completely understand if they never been in your shoes . Some donโ€™t understand even if they been there . People tend to move on and never learn . And they lack empathy anyway .
        There arenโ€™t much people I canโ€™t operate without , the rest is to keep me from important things of life . Distractions , those we use as an excuse .


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