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It’s hard to pen down what you are struggling with, and yet this author nailed it with such clarity, i could some where feel a part of it.

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Thank you

bipolar behind orange walls.

I need to evict the man who lives in my extra room. He would stare at me as I passed the open door, seemingly puzzled by my existence. I refused to look in his direction but I could feel his soulless gaze tracking my quick shuffle as I made my way into my own bedroom. He was quiet and kept to himself. He didn’t bother me much. In fact, every time I saw him in the living room, he would slip out of view, avoiding the endless chatter I produced. I’m not one to accuse, but I’m sure he was a pervert of some kind. In fact, I was sure but I had little evidence. I kept the bathroom door open a crack to let the steam run out from my shower. I was sure he would stand there watching, his shadow flickering behind the translucent curtain. I’d fling the…

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