Just talking..

Today I checked last post I wrote was 5 days back.

That time when you are trying to squeeze everything in 1 day and you wish there were few more hours in a day so you could spread your work.

And in such a chaos I would only be filling space with useless rants (like this one, to an extent)

My most of time is dedicated to my book and publishing process these days. Honeslty somebody should have told me how hard this is gonna be. There is so much to learn everyday. It took me a whole day of reading and asking everyone to get information to fill one box.

So that’s where I am lost these days..in kdp website.

But you know what. I never knew I will be doing this. And I will find people like this.

Thanks to Jina for being so extremely helpful, sometimes i keep asking the same thing in 20 different ways and she patiently tries to explain me. Sometimes our mail thread is active for 2 days and she doesn’t get tired of my stupid questions.

And thanks to River for sending me his book as it wasn’t avaiable in my country. That is so generous of him. Btw his book is on sale and it’s actually good.

I told a friend of mine and she said it restored some part of her lost faith in people in general.

Few days back I opened my Facebook and it consumed my sanity in a few seconds. I had an anxiety attack which was so draining I literally slept in the same position, more like passed out I guess. It’s hard to tell at times.

I can’t find the comfort and support I get here from anywhere else.

This place has given me something I never knew I will get. I never knew I will resume art and writing like this.

But there is something. It takes time. You build it everyday. And you don’t give up.

Some days are harder. But don’t give up on your dreams.

I did, but I was pushed back to them by fate. I lost a lot of things to get something I secretly wanted but didn’t find practical enough to pursue.

Sometimes you keep clutching to single thin straws and as time passes you have a sturdy stack of straws to support you.

So, don’t give up on your efforts and on yourself.

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