Snow globe in my mind – #writephoto

I never felt a snow flake melting on my hand

Never saw thousands of them falling from the sky

Never saw the world turn foggy and white

Never walked on land looking like one giant frozen cloud

Never felt that stabbing chill of the wind

But some part of my mind is a small snow globe

With chilly winds swirling free,

Driving plastic windmills crazy

The flakes in my snow globe refuse to melt

And the ground feels like cotton under my feet

I have a gentle piece of north pole in my mind

That defies nature

Another cavern of my imagination

Where I delude myself with the idea

What attracts you doesn’t always hurt.



Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.


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17 thoughts on “Snow globe in my mind – #writephoto

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  1. The snow globe reality can be just as beautiful…until a gust of cold wind cuts you to the bone.

    When I lived in Southern California, I actually missed winter. Sunny and warm in January always made me feel uneasy, as if it were all fake.

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