In extreme overdrive..

Ever had that feeling like you are on a crazy rollercoaster ride and it comes to a sudden hault..and you feel it will eject you like a cannon ball, shooting to the moon.

And you wish it does that because you are still in that super sonic inertia.

I am hating myself since yesterday. I just drove myself mad with working on mailing list invitations non stop and when I was done my ears were ringing and I could see stars twinkling around me.

Every minute my brain is beating me up with, “one minutes passed and you did nothing”.

Couldn’t sleep last night. Obviously.

I texted a friend at 2 or 3 last night saying “I didn’t mean to tell you but I am in extreme overdrive and i think I overwhelmed myself and I think I am hungry too”

She knows me and my anxieties so she was trying to help me but I was in the kitchen looking for food. Actually MORE food because I had wolfed down all the food in my arm’s range.

I just read wolfed down for the first time. And I like it. Prepare to read it in next 20 posts.


After eating an 8 course meal I felt better. Or let’s say I sent myself into food coma…again..

I came back and told her I think I m better maybe I was just hungry.

But I couldn’t be more wrong!!

Next morning I was worse.

But you know what was worst?? My devices not cooperative with me.

My mac froze. For the first time in life. It showed some signs of dizziness and then froze. Pray for it guys I need it.

Then.. wordpress became super slow. I don’t know why. In browser and app both.

Everything else was working fine so it wasn’t the internet.

Then I though let’s write a few posts and update my publishing checklists (I have a few) in my notes on my phone..and you guessed it…

it fucking crashed!!

So I’m writing this directly in wordpress. As it’s only thing working, really hope it let’s me post it.

I think it’s a sign I should slow down but what do I do when I cannot!!

14 thoughts on “In extreme overdrive..

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  1. Argh, so annoying! I think probably no matter how much promotional prep work you do or don’t do, but what it’ll really come down to is you blogging about the book when it’s ready to launch, and those of us that follow you regularly reblogging and retweeting. I will definitely review your book when it’s out 🙂

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  2. i’m not a big believer in the stars influencing our day to day lives and yet, there are those days where everything seems to collapse into a big ball of chaos for absolutely no reason. i’m sorry you had one. when they attack me, i often give up and head back to bed to try for a take two. 🙂

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