One of the best few hours of my life so far.

I attended my first public concert today. Which was held at Bollywood Parks, that’s one of the parks of Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Yes, sounds weird as I’m 31 and by my age any normal person would have been to 310 concerts at least, but we (my family) are very very finicky about security and privacy, which I don’t think is bad.


Went there with a group of boring fake friends (unfortunately) but God was kind to me especially and we all got lost in the crowd, because one of them was trying to ditch me. I thank her from the bottom of my her because I accidentally landed between the most fun crowd there.

My throat hurt by singing and muscles hurt a little because of my failed attempt at dancing. But you don’t get chances like that often, so I thought why not make the most of it, you can always have ibuprofen later.

A random guy was dancing so well almost next to me i felt like asking him out just to see him dance all the time. but then i saw another random guy being so hilariously stupid, i went like..hmm..why not him..

But then i remembered i have 20 tons of problems of my own if i get into shit like that i would have come out of that concert with 5 6 brand new husbands…AND 20 TONS OF PROBLEMS!


Here are my top 3 favourite moments of last night (as there were many)

I uploaded the videos on my youtube to share with you.


I made this just to share these videos as I wanted to save space on my blog.

The first one is grand finale performance of Shafqat Amanat Ali, a Pakistani artist.

And last 2 are by a Pakistani band, Strings. One of my favorite bands of all times.

Last night marked 30 years of their band. And I swear they have barely aged like 5 years in all these 30 years. I could be looking older than them.

If you can spot a voice of unidentifiable creature in the background of last video, that’s probably me.🙈

That’s all folks.

Take care  🙂


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