Highly overwhelmed.

I am so extremely overwhelmed I’m pacing in the middle of the night, something that has happened after a very long time.

It’s 2. 37 am here.

And oh God..

Already this day has been so intense it’s going to end at a high.

Today I was talking to my friend on phone and somewhere between conversation I started quoting an incident of final rights of my mother and we both her sobbing, she more than me. And once I was done she said, “I’m crying because you have conquered your anxiety, you talked in one go and your voice didn’t crack”. The whole thing made both of us very emotional.

Then. I saw karma being served. And it was unbelievable. I have witnessed God saving me in unpredictable ways but today I saw him stabbing someone with the same knife they used to stab me. Not gonna say I felt good. It got me worried but I did wonder maybe they will know what they did to me. Some people need karma or they never stop being cruel to other.

And last…

Remember I was trying to add my artwork in the manuscript of my book but it got all distorted??

My original draft is in pages, then I convert it word.

Then in kindle create. That’s where you see the mess.

So I finally managed to add images without any distortion to them and the rest of the content.

And I took a deep breath and uploaded draft in my kdp page with the cover and previewed it for the firs time there.

Everything looked fine. At the right place. Just a little changes with font size is required as I want some words to fall on the same page. Just a little bit of work required there.

The rest looks like how I wanted it to be.

The moment I saw the preview, I can’t explain how overwhelmed that got me.

It’s going to take some time for my nerve to settle.

Somewhere I feel I won today


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25 thoughts on “Highly overwhelmed.

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    1. Since 1 2 years I am working on only pages and very rarely on word so i got used to it I guess. I only had to convert it to word to upload in kindle create. The whole thing was trial and error. I have at least 30 versions and demos of the manuscript.
      Yea finally everything is syncing well.

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  1. Am I wrong or do all of these things have the same theme- it all works itself out in the end. It’s just how much we stress about that which we can’t control… in any case I am super impressed with your strength. It is inspiring and don’t let anyone say different 💕

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    1. All of this does have a same theme. Patience and karma. Results, as another fellow blogger said in the comments. It doesn’t work out itself, there’s tons of pain and struggle you endure in process of getting there.
      Thanks a lot for kind words. Glad you feel that way. No, I don’t. 🙂

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