Anxiety through ozone

I have been fighting urge to write this for hours.

I hate it when people know your strongest triggers and use them against you.

Had such a bad day. My anxiety is through the ozone. It has faded to some extent but it’s still here.

Thanks for my best friend for staying on phone with me for around 2 hours. She was tired and yawning but she knew I need her so she stayed with me. At one point she said if call suddenly goes mute I might have run to the bathroom.

Physically anxiety effects me the most on shoulders. It take the longest to go from my shoulders. It’s a horrible feeling.

Even though I’m tons better than how it was when I got triggered, but it’s still crawling and circling in my shoulders.

I just hate this whole thing.

I fought it really hard. I did give it a good fight.

Tried self care. Coconut oil is awesome for your teeth.

Listened to music.

Tried keeping myself busy with book.

In the background I had a funny movie running.

And a forensic files episode running on my phone.

I was trying everything.

I didnt feel like chewing food so i have been on soup and coconut water and water.

I just hate it when people use your weakness against you and when you react they blame you for being weak or flawed. These people are worst kind of people on the planet.

This is mental abuse and I have no regret in praying they get the same and realise what they do to others.

I feel so agitated.

I have been somewhat happy about how my life has been shaping lately. I could see my efforts being rewarded after a long struggle.

And then some asshole has to toss your hard earned peace in air like it’s some toy.

This scares you.

This would scare anyone. Even if they have never had any mental health issues.

Someone scares you and you do get frightened! It’s normal!

This doesn’t even count as something unusual.

Then why people have to be such morons.

I’m so done.

I have tried everything but my shoulders.. this sucks.


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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18 thoughts on “Anxiety through ozone

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  1. Having anxiety, I know how it feels, it feels as if the whole world is going against you, you can’t breathe and it’s just too overwhelming but what helps me is listening to some music, repeating in my mind saying that it will go away, it should not take control of me. It’s hard but it’s not going to last forever, it will go…

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  2. People’s words can be poison, they stick them into you and then walk away. They don’t feel the poison but you do….. But let the poison disippate.. let it slide out the end if your fingers and toes, out of your shoulders. Imagine it leaking onto the floor, leaving you fresh and poison free. Your world is yours. They can’t enter or damage you x stay safe x

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  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better now but sorry your anxiety spiked like that. I’ve been struggling with it as well, racing heart, clenched stomach muscles and tense shoulders for sure. It sucks big time but there really is no solution other than waiting it out. Good times. I hope it keeps its claws out of you for awhile and that the asshole people back off. Happy Sunday! 💕

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    1. Yea I’m better. It takes time to settle. I’m much calmer now.
      Hope you get out of it too, and stay out of it. It’s a terrible feeling.
      I hope asshole people exit my life once for all, but then there will be more of them. I mean the world is loaded with insensitive people. Well I hope and pray for peace for all of us. 🙂
      Happy Sunday! 💕


  4. Darn that anxiety! I kick it in the butt with a hard workout that overrides all the negativity floating in my brain, and wash out those stress hormones with a body cleansing sweat and just breathe! And if that old nasty anxiety comes back again, I put on my gloves and fight! Hang in there!


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