busy busy busy..

Been busy
Well you read that thrice on the title.
And you wouldn’t believe if I tell you what kept me so busy.
Shopping!!! E-shopping to be precise.. from sephora.. yes I was surprised too. And so were my friends..
Had to order some skin care products and believe me it took me 2 days do decide what I want.
I actually now what I have… dry dull distressed deprived of youth and radiance skin! simple!
and what I want?? To be drop dead gorgeous! Simpler!
is that too much to ask??
Then I went to global village. It’s a festival that we have here for like half of the year. Nothing really new happened this time expect that .. I ate squid!!! And I’m still alive.
Well it was minced with shrimps and rolled into balls and fried so you couldn’t really tell. It wasn’t bad. But wasn’t that amazing too. I just wanted to try it.
Oh my anxiety is better. I mean I’m better. Thanks everyone again. I am much better than the last post.
Umm..what else..
Oh I am going to make swinging sanity available for pre-orders probably tomorrow. But since I heard it takes a few days to load to the website it might take 2 3 days. Considering a few strategic reasons I am thinking 12 March should be the date of release.
I completed threshold of my $50 purchases on Amazon to qualify to write reviews. Now pray they solve book availability problem in UAE region too.
I tried a few things. But it still doesn’t change the status of books not available here. So I might write to them now.
God I’m tired of writing to the support of every website now. it’s becoming my part-time job now. I mean why can’t things be simple for me!!
I should go now.
Thanks for reading

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