do you guys enable DRM (digital rights management) on your book???

yep.. that’s the question..

19 thoughts on “do you guys enable DRM (digital rights management) on your book???

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      1. That’s cool. The only thing I’ll say is not to bother with amazon’s advertising system. The big publishers were pushing the cost per click above 2 bucks last time I tried it.

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      2. I am not planning on even looking into Amazon advertising system. I read a bit and figured maybe it’s not really worth it. Right now I have submitted the final draft for approval to make it avaiable for preorders. That will buy me some time to plan promotion etc. Its my first book so I’m treading carefully. Thanks a lot for your suggestion 🙂


  1. I didn’t. It didn’t seem like would accomplish much. I’ve only encountered DRM on ebooks that I borrow from the library, and it makes sense in that context, but it just didn’t seem important for my own book.


  2. The book I wrote is published on and unfortunately, they have All the publishing rights. If/when I write another, I will not use them.


    1. how is that even possible. that’s really insane. you are losing access to majority of the market. here on amazon there was a segment kindle select which required exclusivity for 90 day (as per my understanding) i’m not going for that even. try looking maybe if you could remove your book from there and then publish elsewhere if you dont find lulu helpful?


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