Ranting small drum Part 2

Rant 2

Ok 2nd rant in a few hours. This is in connection to rant # 1.

I spent almost half of my day explaining 5 different people how to order my book and in the end it turns on only 1 of them can do it. The rest are in the region where my book and kindle app both are not available.

This sent all of us in great distress. Shrilly monkey was about to cry. Others got really upset and started looking for any option but it got impossible to solve both the problems at least for now.

I had to stop them and told about other sites.

I have had this problem with books to especially the ones published by indie authors. I couldn’t access books from a lot of you guys but then few days back I got something delivered to my sis who is in US so magically unlocked a lot of books. I don’t know if this allows me access to all the books yet.

But I cant tell all my friends and family to deliver something to someone in US. That would be too much of a cost for a $2.99 ebook.

Even if that problem solves. What to do about kindle app??

A friend is looking into that. Asking around because my head is freezing.

With all of this I think I should start all over again with the knowledge of markets my books are available in.

This brings to another dilemma. To go for amazon select or not.

That would mean blocking my book for 90 days. I won’t be able to published elsewhere. So this brings us to try to milk presence of my book on amazon as much as I can for few months and then more to other websites. Or to not sign up for select and publish everywhere else.

I wanted to explore audience of one site at a time. My next target was ibooks. Now I m not sure what to do.

So I will sit back for a while. Watch a movie. And press the reset button.

Or my head will explode.

Then I will come up with a proper plan.

There is a silver lining to all of this. I managed to place my book at an awesome place without help from anyone from my real world. This means a lot to me.

It was my own research of months and support for you guys that I could do this.

Once again thanks a lot for being so incredibly supportive and kind. I have no words to tell how grateful I am to be here.

Thank you so much all of you.  🤗

Here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity

4 thoughts on “Ranting small drum Part 2

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    1. kindle app is available for iphones and andriod both. and you can read it on your phone. but honestly please don’t stress yourself. eventually i will publish it somewhere else too. might take a few months.
      you want to get it, that already means a ton to me 😊


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