Morning ramble

Good morning munchkins.

I don’t know why I said munchkins, nobody here is that size


Face masks are life savers. Trust me when I say that.

After having a disappointing day I went to use a face mask again, it’s becoming a weird coping mechanism. And borderline obsession.

And then used facial oil and went to sleep.

And morning was already better.

And it applies to men too. Men are humans too they can use skincare products too.


I’m a groggy right now. It’s been hours since a woke up but i still can’t think clearly.

Maybe the mask sucked my clarity of my mind through pores.

Or the oil seeped into my entire system a tad too much resulting in a oil spill kinda situation creating a thin film of oil of my brain.

My friends who were looking for options of accessing book didn’t have any good news either. Amazon has a format that can only be accessed on kindle device and app.


I have no strategy so far. Cant think of any. Shoulders hurting again.

You know what I wish.

I wish I had spare shoulders. 4 5 of them at least.

I don’t like what stress does to them.

I am thinking of writing to Amazon maybe they have some solution to this.

Or maybe this time they will tell me to relocate with my entire clan.

I don’t know what to do. I have lists but still I feel I am lacking clarity.

I dont have a plan..I dont even have a plaahhh. You will get the reference if you watch friends.

Wish I had something better to write.


and another tag!

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.56.48 PM

Here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity

13 thoughts on “Morning ramble

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  1. Hello N.F.Mirza. Love the lavender photo. It looks as if she is being assaulted by extra-terrestrial lichen from Mars !
    How to relieve stress ? You’re right, take care of yourself. Anyone around you who could give you a lavender-oil massage ? Otherwise massage yourself after a hot bath, soaking and gently rocking your head from left to right with your neck under water. I am sure you have the ressources to make yourself ‘all’ better ! Try just doing what you enjoy most, relax and forget about your book for the weekend.
    Do you live near the sea ? The mountains ? A river ? A forest ? Go for a walk in nature and hug a tree. Spring is the time for interaction with wood. Is it spring where you are ?
    Check out the post I wrote about self-healing in the #28 days writing challenge on my blog. February, 15th, I think it was. You might find it helpful.
    Take care
    Susan from Toulouse, France.

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    1. Sorry it took me a while to get to this comment. I love that photo too. It’s me on work mode mostly.
      I destress by sketching. Or hot bath and oil and literally everything. Living with anxiety teaches you tons of coping mechanism. To it’s mostly trial and error.
      I can’t relax on the weekend I have 10 days to get max pre-orders so no time for a break.
      I live in Dubai, a forest. But yea corniche is close by. It’s insanely windy here these days. But u don’t know going out never works for me, my brain goes with me everywhere.
      I will sure check it in a while.
      Thanks a lot for caring so much 🙂

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    1. it’s the same app its not available. will do something about that we are trying to find out but im really running out of time thats stressing me. ranking wise it’s still good but it’s catering to a small market.
      let see. pray things get fixed for me.

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      1. there are ways to make the book avaiable but i wanted it to be on amazon first. it’s better to condense all sales on one sit than scatter it on different sites. and its alot of work all over again. still working on it tho.

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