One more little milestone.

The moment when you have been member of a website like goodreads as a reader for a very very long time..

And then it approves you as an author..

I’m speechless..and a bit teary eyed..

Here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity

61 thoughts on “One more little milestone.

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      1. You can self publish your own book on a number of websites, Amazon kindle direct publishing is at the top of them and it’s the easiest one so I suggest you start there.
        Prepare your manuscript and since you are beginning start researching on the subject. It took me 1 month to write the book 6 month to figure out how to publish, not even kidding.
        I will give you Amazon kdp link you make your account and start reading the whole thing. It’s a very user friendly website. Just read each and every tab and space.
        Watch YouTube videos on self-publishing related to your genre of interest and the website you are planning to publishing on (in my case kdp).
        I suggest you do a demo. Try with a trial book. And run the whole process to have an idea.
        It’s not impossible you have be focused. If you need to ask something I’m always here. If this is your dream start working on it today. 🙂

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      2. Cool ….. Thanks for sharing this valuable information ….U have really shown me a very clear path… I just want to ask one more thing that does it include any cost on your part … like do u have to incur any cost of your own…..


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