Why so ungrateful?

We are so ungrateful. I’m talking about entire human race in general.

When I stated blog it just wanted a mental escape. I never thought of a book.

Then suddenly I started writing a psychological thriller and it got intense to a point that I had to stop writing. It became too much for me to continue.

Then 2 more books that didn’t go anywhere.

All this time I thought I can’t do poetry. Yea believe me I told Sam (bff) I can’t write a poem.

Then a lot more shit happened and I don’t know how and why I started doing poetry.

Until then I didn’t even know I will publish.

Then I started looking into self publishing.

And the rest you guys know.

But my intention was different.

I have an extremely complicated life. There were times I have written 4 5 pages of a post to explain and then gave up in the end.

I remember myself saying. I just want 1 book on the shelf. A product that I can sell when I have nothing.

And then with love prayers support encouragement, my book became no.1 new release for first few days and that was insane.

I never imagined that would ever happen.

But then as rank dropped that’s where my humanness kicked in and I started freaking out.

Then I saw goodreads mail. It said I got approved as an author.

And that was what I needed.

It calmed me.

I wish I could twist my leg and kick myself.

I mean, did I even ask for what I got? Even though I worked really really hard on it. I gave my all to this book. But everyone does. And not everyone gets what got.

Then how could I complain.

So yesterday rather than worrying about numbers I decided I will enjoy this journey.

Yesterday I didn’t even press the refresh button to check the ranking and all. today I did and it wasn’t too bad still.

Now on I won’t stress myself.

I will keep working to make it successful. I will try my best to not let it sink.

I am working on 1 concise post to promote swinging sanity so that I don’t have to reblog 3 4 different posts that you might find annoying at times.

Will links to my social media presence.

And I am going to appreciate and enjoy the whole thing, every little step of this journey.

Ramble over! 🙂

P.s. here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity

10 thoughts on “Why so ungrateful?

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  1. When things happen to us gradually and they are expected, we tend to forget from where did we came from. So, it is a human trade to push aside his past problems and focus on the new ones or haul the old problem and keep talking about that. This is the way we are built. And if you recall my blabberings, you can see I keep bitching about my lack of inspiration, I keep talking about all the negative stuff I have on my mind, I keep complaining when in the matter of the fact, I really don’t have a reason to do it. But, the problem is, I am being lazy and irresponsible to take the things in my own hands and get going. so all of my achievements do tend to come as a passive work, not active.

    It’s just the way we are. The way to get out of it is to realize you are making mistakes and start working on that to change it.


  2. Awesome!! You never know what you’re capable of accomplishing until you try.
    Congrats on self-publishing and getting on Good Reads!! Stats can make or break your day…I hear you about the human nature kicking in when it comes to those things. I wonder what it was like before these stats and reviews online.


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