Accidental fitness alerts

When you are randomly roaming in a mall and suddenly find yourself trying different sizes of gloves that you are supposed to wear while lifting weights.

You freeze for a moment and wonder what’s going on. What transported you here.

Maybe your crumbling health. Or giggling flabs..

Then you coddle yourself by reminding of the celery you got yesterday but in reality you chose to ate like one kg of chocolate and that celery is still on the table…still in grocery bag.

So when you are THAT sensible about your health, you can be magically transported to sportswear stores.

I never lifted weights but I really wanted to start last year..but then me being me stopped even going to the floor gym is situated at.

And can you believe I have yoga mat that I got like 3 4 years back and I dont remmeber using it once!!


Today was a sudden health alert kinda situation..

Like…girl you better start living like a human rather than a raccoon.

That reminds me once I read something about raccoons and swear I could so relate.


One of the most relatable shit I have ever read.

So I’m thinking to go get celery stick and start munching like a bunny.. it weirdly helps me with anxiety a lot.

The crunch sound is a good distraction.

So maybe celery with fight club..or any other movie but I love fight club. haven’t seen it in a long time.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and next Tuesday 12th march is my book launch so have to gear up for blatant promotion.

Hope you all are having a good day.

I will go be my raccoon self with celery and fight club.

9 thoughts on “Accidental fitness alerts

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  1. Jesus f*** Christ, use coma for God sakes, I read that you have a yoga mat for 34, 34 freakin’ years!!! I just hope you have your grammar check on when you did that book of yours. 😦 *shaking my head*

    And your story is way funnier than mine I just posted. 😀 Now, go punch something. 😀

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