Me and Twitter.

So I finally decided to dedicated few hours solely to Twitter.

And guess where I am to vent about it?? Yes this wordpress magnetic pulls is too strong to fight.


I opened Twitter and found myself stuck in middle of the page where you have tweets from everyone, I dont know maybe home, I dont know.

So I’m in the middle with 20 million tweet above and below me.

And then my thumb looks at me and it’s kinda crying because it will have to scroll for 2 days to get to the top.

If you know a short cut please tell me

So I to go up and I’m lost again because honestly sometimes i like something I believe my Twitter friends wrote and then it’s not by them.

I haven’t felt this dumb in a while.

Thanks to celery I am not losing my mind yet. Celery is becoming my natural xanax.

It’s magical for anxiety.

It shouldnt be that difficult. Twitter I mean. I’m really trying to get the hang of it.

So going to do that exactly, any tips and tricks are appriciated.

Honeslty you guys are my university.

My Twitter link

P.s. some people are doing that follow/unfollow thing here too….THAT’S CHEATING!!

20 thoughts on “Me and Twitter.

Add yours

    1. Me too!! Its the best place on internet.
      Facebook depresses me I swear. I made one with my authors name just so that people dont confuse someone else with me. I mean it’s so shitty I hate fb.
      I have no social media presence for anyone. I made some for the content of my blog only. For people of my real life I dont exist on social media. I cant deal with constant snooping and judgement.

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  1. I’ve been on Twitter for over a year and still feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing. But for this particular issue, if you click the home icon in the bottom left corner of the app it should take you to the top.


    1. Honeslty I wouldn’t go to any social media platform if it wasn’t for my book. No place besides wordpress makes sense to me. I am really private person social media stresses me out.
      For those who can handle it’s been great.


  2. Copy this and paste it into your twitter search field. It will sort by newest tweets from your followers and disregard retweets from those you don’t know:

    filter:follows -filter:retweets -filter:replies -filter:links

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  3. I initially set up my twitter just for the automatic post sharing from WP and Instagram. I mostly use it now for football stuffs. Social media is only useful if it’s suited to what you’re doing. Twitter can be good for interaction but not general publicity, unless you’re already well known/followed.


    1. Yes! That the point. One day you cant wake up and join Twitter and tell people here is my book please buy it. It’s going to take time to interact and build a following.
      I don’t like to be on social media in general. I would never if it wasn’t for my book.


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