My major focus these days is to understand how this social media circus operates.

And I realised one thing.

I cant go and say, hey i just joined today buy my book!

Have you guys seen Charles bukowski video on YouTube when he was at a random store and he asked a lady if she knew him then he says “I’m a poet, buy my book” .

That’s so him!

I feel like pulling this stunt some time maybe after 2 3 books. Maybe.

Who know I might do it next time I go for groceries. I can be really wierd at times. I know you are not surprised.


So i am thinking i shouldn’t really depend on social media for sales. I mean I am there. I even made an fb account so I’m at 5 6 places now but this wont work unless I participate there.

That’s going to take time. Later on obviously this is going to help me. But right now I need to stop fretting over it.

Thanks to some of you guys I now have started to understand what’s going on Twitter.

The rest will see.

And I was doing mental health reblogs one month back. As it’s a process of getting permission and blog of choice from the author, it takes days. So I have approvals of 2 reblogs but the comments are lost. I will find them once I’m done with this book thing probably next month.

I haven’t forgotten it. I will be resuming soon. But if any of you want me to feel reblog a post please feel free to ask. I will be happy to share whatever it is.

Can’t think of anything else

Just feeling strange. After tomorrow I wont be able to make changes to my manuscript. And I have already submitted and reviewed everything. As release date is approaching I’m having a wierd sinking feeling. With a hint of fear.

Maybe it’s normal.

Inhave my anxiety in control I guess. I’m eating a lot tho.

But I still dont feel ok. Maybe I’m having kind of an information overload.

With God knows how many tabs opened only about book promotion, I feel really lost at times.

Is it… have I become so severely allergic to social media?

Could it be this?

I am already way out of my comfort zone for this book.

My siblings are all excited and jumping to promote where they can but I stopped them. I just cant deal with this. I don’t want to be questioned for my writing.

I can’t deal with whys and hows and whats

I can’t hear the word psycho.

Here I’m an anonymous person that makes the whole thing tons easier.

Sorry the whole post got derailed I dont even remember what I planned to write initially.

Have a good day guys.

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  1. The first time I had an exhibition on my own it felt great on the opening night then I realised I felt deflated. Oits the anticlimax when everything you have planned has been done and you no longer have that rush of adrenaline. I hope you keep going. But give yourself a rest when you need it xxx

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