Wish I didn’t wake up..

I lifted the drapes hiding the truth
And light baked my eyes

My sanity snapped in a moment
My world spun clockwise

Brutality flashed on the walls
Showing how a dream dies

Bones rattled in excrutiating pain
Throat burned with deafening cries

I tried to drag my decaying carcass
But my soul was saying goodbyes

Tears bled from the ceiling fan
On the window, were buzzing flies

My heels hurt from rubbing against the floor
Nails chipped, wrists bruised by ties

Lines rubbed off from my palms
Erasing chances of mercy from skies

I am trying to go back to sleep
But the reality doesn’t cease to terrorize..


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Copyright ยฉ 2019 stoneronarollercoaster โ€“ All rights reserved

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