Terminally Exhausted

I’m mental physically, emotionally, mentally, terminally, perpetually exhausted!!

With constantly working on making the book happen alone for the first time literally sucked out my mental energy

If you see me running into walls or walking in small circles please don’t be surprised.

I kept playing movies in the background to dilute the situation. Btw you have to watch “Stranger than fiction”. I liked that movie.

Now done with publishing and everything I had on post-publishing to-do list (which wasn’t much) and crying like an emotional idiot for a day. Now I just want to go in hibernation.

Well I was sane enough to make some healthy meals last week because I knew anxiety will turn me into those insects that eat furniture.

So thanks to quinoa. Yup. That was only healthy thing. And yea stock (it had chicken and vegetable both). Because some days I struggle with chewing, even if I’m mad hungry.

So yea I was concerned about health and that pushed me to finally go to gym but it wasn’t written in fate today. I forgot the ladies timing..again. Then went to reception to ask and came back home.. that’s enough workout for today I guess.


Swinging sanity did well. Thanks to all of you. The ranking went up for some time before starting to slide again.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.48.54 PM

But now I’m getting immune to that. I think that’s how it works.

I am truly deeply madly thankful to all of you for the unbelievable support even if you didn’t buy the book every form of support matters to me.

And people who bought it. Thanks for believing in something like that. I really really hope you don’t regret it.

I came here thinking I will just post a few funny picture but then I started talking and then you know..


that’s all folks!

have a good day!

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