Horribly scattered ramble.

Guess I’m getting way too comfortable with this self induced food coma.

Well to tell you the truth this wasnt the plan. The moment book went live I was like…ok book l#1 check!! Now next!!

I was in extremely insane overdrive and my friend suggested I calm down…hense this hibernation phase.

The day didn’t start well. Heard about New Zealand incident in morning and saw something being really mean to a girl just because of money and power. It was a sickening start.

I might elaborate the whole thing but I probably will end up making this most a new book!

When is this “you killed my people I will kill yours” stop?

Find a terrorist and do whatever. Why random people who probably don’t even know what’s going on in world politics and probably never even seen a gun? Nothing makes sense.

Not saying this because I’m a Muslim. Because this is out of control and isn’t making any sense.

My dad said once in a terrorist attack the revenge cycle is the most dangerous thing.

Few years down the road an offspring of one of the victims might stand up and go on killing some other random people just because what happened to his family was unfair.

I don’t know how to fix or even speak up because speaking doesn’t really help here.

I don’t watch news. Heck I dont even watch TV because I cant take it.

Whatever is happening anywhere whoever is doing it in the end it’s only innocent losing the most.

And the tragic part. Any news just become a small fragment in time that flies by youand never return.

Imagine the magnitude. Whatever happens we still go on with our lives.

I had a busy day. It was cleaning day with new cleaner with friends visiting at once. We all were again busy with our lives.

It’s sad state the world is in.

People were sad and still busy

It 2 .46 am when it’s not letting me sleep. I know I still will in a while.

I’m binging on a YouTube food channel, sortedfood. Check it out it’s awesome! And funny.

I can’t remmeber I many movies I have watched in past few days and in no way I’m planning to step on the weighing scale.

I’m certainly turning into hulk..a lazy one.

And this turning into a horribly scattered ramble.

I don’t know. I’m torn into pieces right now.

It’s tricky when you are an emotional referee between your parents and siblings. Too much happening that could be easily solved but just because of volatility of situation you just listen.

Sometimes people just want you to listen.

Hey I got 128 followers on Twitter. That’s not really bad.


About the book I’m not really doing much. I’m letting it breathe because I don’t have much to do besides that.

Ok guys. That’s all for now.

Take care.

14 thoughts on “Horribly scattered ramble.

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  1. It is so horrible – I am watching the news about New Zealand right now – one of my uncles lives in Christchurch.

    When I grew up terrorist attacks were common in connection with Northern Ireland. There was a huge sigh of relief when an agreement was met and the terrorist acts halted.

    Violence, blatant disregard for precious lives of fellow humans, our human family – it’s so upsetting and disturbing. A horrible start to everyone’s day.

    I am sure I want to comfort eat whenever something grieves me too.

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    1. it’s a little comforting to know somewhere an agreement was reached and attacks halted. the state the whole world is reach in, I don’t know how any form of anything can help.

      deep down I’m losing hope. I should not babe saying this but I don’t know where the solution is going to even begin.

      yea comfort eating helps only until you step on the scale.

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      1. I understand why it can seem overwhelming, but I am convinced this story will have a happy ending.

        Don’t let the behaviour of those who make themselves criminals cause you to lose hope. Love good and right, love peace and kindness.

        We are a human family and those who promote hatred should not be allowed to win.

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  2. The New York incident was pretty devastating and the fact that nothing is being done to prevent such inhuman ideology just makes everything even worse… I hope people understand that terrorism isn’t an answer to terrorism, it just fuels it even more!
    And the food coma prevails here too… 🙂

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  3. The sad thing is that it is in our deepest nature to hate yet we have this capacity to love and it is constantly at war within all of us. Some seek depravity and others enlightenment. Some day things will change and all will be good once we understand our nature and seek to become something better. Love is the law, love under Will.


    1. I question human nature now. I don’t know what we naturally are. I always felt we have strong conscience naturally, when we do wrong we know we are doing wrong but now I see people being unreasonable cruel and then I wonder is there nothing stopping them? don’t they hear in their own minds that they are wrong?
      I really hope this madness stops.


  4. The terrorist attack on Christchurch is utterly sickening. What bothers me the most about it, though, is that in a few days, it will become irrelevant. Our society has become so desensitized to these acts of terror because we see them so often, and I believe that is what’s hurting us the most. We do not attempt to change anything because we are so numb to the cruelty that our world has produced. It is truly a sad day for us.

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    1. days? I had to continue with my life. I did not open that news on anything. I knew this is going to hurt bad. so I went on with my life with guilt and grief about the whole thing haunting in the background even when I didn’t read the details. that’s how we have become now. we have learned to live with the worst.

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