Speaking with thumbs

So tired my limps are going to dismantle and shoot off.

And I came here to tell you all!

I mean what’s wrong with me.

Well so I made awesome food today and lots of it. Friends were coming over.

So then list goes like

Peri peri chicken .I will share link it was awesome!! (If you love chicken watch it and if you don’t I’m sorry please don’t) I followed the brine one.

Here : https://youtu.be/aJWFunSxGwY

Mutton chops (my moms recipe)

3 beans chilli salad & Spicy roasted potatoes. I don’t remember what I threw in them but turned out great.

And qorma (a curry) it was for a lunch. Wasn’t served with the rest.

And cherry tomatoes with mix herbs (not really a recipe just cherry tomatoes)

Well the best part, everyone loved everything.

So now I’m blinding exhausted.

Well seriously when am I not exhausted??

Well. Thanks a lot for the reviews on the book guys. I actually came here be cause I was really overwhelmed. I thought and decided not to ask for a review I wanted it to be on 100% readers discretion but thank to friends who still did. I will get to this part in detail tomorow. I don’t want to rush it.

I was going to watch a movie but then I thought maybe I will just watch random videos and go to sleep.

I’m glad I took this little rest from reading writing and pressing refresh button.

Did I take a break from writing?? I don’t know if posts like these count. For me they are more like speaking only with thumbs.


Will go back to watch sortedfood (the channel in the link) with saltletts and Mars.

I genuinely respect and treasure you all.

Take care.

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