It’s a pleasant day.

A random puppy smiled at me!!

It was a very small Pomeranian. I said hey and she got all excited and started smiling..omg.. I could picture fireworks in my heart.

Then a random stranger held the door for me when my hands were full.

Someone didn’t open the door when I was passing just outside the store. If he did, I would have cancelled my plans to run gofundmyrhinoplasty charity.

It’s a good day just because random people showed some kindness they were in no way obliged to. The puppy being cutest people of all.

Maybe it was nothing but these little acts of kindness made a huge difference for me.

Then i got another review, which actually looks better than my book. And it’s not that little act so will talk about reviews separately on Monday because its Sunday. And Sunday is not a very good day for bloggers most of readers are busy elsewhere.

And then there was some assholish stuff too but I can always picture that smiling puppy and things get a little better.

Be kind guys, you don’t know when you are making a huge difference.

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