Just gibberish

Anxious and can’t sleep. You guys will have to put up with alot of gibberish tonight.

Promise wont repost this crap.

Just done watching mona lisa smile…brilliant movie! It’s sad I can still relate to this movie.

So the help and mona lisa smile within 24 hours..man I have some good influences right now!!

How about I do a few reviews. Haven’t done those in a while.

I actually am planning on stuff.

One thing I know. May is mental health awareness month and last year this is where I started making attempt to raise awareness and try to provide validation to the people living with it in any way possible.

So may is solely restricted to mental health awareness. I don’t know how though. Do give me ideas if you have any.

I might do some reader and reviewing in April.

This month no plans so far. I m really not in a headspace of getting into something new.

Oh I have to work on a smashwords friendly format. I hate formatting!!

Book ranking is still going strong.

Only thing going strong!! Like writer is literally falling apart.

I think it’s all about metadata. I am trying to crack this thing. How does it work.

Well I’m happy.

But my head isn’t.

Hurts bad.

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  1. Awe, Sweetie… I feel you! I’m so sorry you are feeling bad too. There is something in the air, and honestly, I think so many of us with mental health issues are feeling something wrong.
    I look forward to May, to bring up the subject matter more so than ever. I really like your idea for the interviews. That seems to be something that always helps another out. By knowing we are not alone and that we can help support one another is one of the greatest feelings of all.
    Feel better, Dear. šŸ˜Œ


    1. Interviews? Did I write interviews? Maybe I did it 5 am I have t slept.
      Maybe its weather changing everywhere. Not really a good time. Even though it was supposed to be happiness day half of the day was supremely shitty.

      Yea that’s all I can do at the moment. Speak and listen. Being there is all we want at times.

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      1. Well I fuck up. I didn’t sleep or ate for straight 16 17 hours and went for appointment. Doctor was really nice but on my way back u was going pass out.
        Well I have never ran that fast from door to the fridge…
        I’m better now. Thanks šŸ¤—

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