My old funny papa

I stepped out of airport and there he was smiling.

I went to him and he patted my head so gently. And his smile was stretching ear to ear literally.

I got broad smile from dad. You can see our wisdom teeth (not literally, but close).

In his shadow was standing my brother like a body guard with his ihavegossipsforyou look.

Well. Now comes the funny part.

I had a light bag but daddu kept insisting he wants to carry it.

My brother said let him and whispered “let him do it or it will stress him”

We both laughed as we saw our dad dragging a small luggage bag, a hand carry precisely and doing his proud dad March. With his signature proud dad smile.

My dad is turning into funny old papas from cartoons.

The loving funny cute old papa.

It was sweet and funny.

He was once telling someone that the satisfaction he gets from doing something for his family is priceless.

And it shows on his face and his walk.

I so wanna tell him about my book but I’m scared what if I trigger him.

I feel like giving him another reason to be proud of.

But it’s all about pain and struggles what if he gets hurt, which he will.

And what if he gets all excited and tell everyone “hey my psycho daughter wrote a, the stoner one!!”

And he goes total no-filter when he is unwell.

Then I would just change my identity and leave this planet forever.

I’m confused.



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