Long ramble..

I know why baby shark has 2.5 billion views.

It’s my niece’s lullaby, so I’m sure it works the same way for other kids too.

Each kid contributing to a 1000 views per day at least!

We have started calling our niece “baby shark”

She’s better now. Thanks for tips and prayers. She is exhausted so finally sleeping now on her own bed.

Before that she could only sleep in a car or on a person.

And human mattresses had to even breathe very gently. Could only inhale half of the normal amount of air.

It’s tricky.

This is so weird. Normally we are very busy people. And we all have our own chores to take care of but we have been flocking around her as if she’s hypnotized us.

Sometimes we just sit around her and watch her breathe, untill she starts crying. Then we all run…away!!


I got another lovely review today. And I shared it with my closest 3 friends first. And one of them said “are you going to share every review?”

And I didn’t know how to react. Because this friend knows everything about me and I shared most depressing shit about my life (because that’s all I had) and now when something good is happening I felt i must share that too.

But then i thought “am i making a fool of myself? Should i not be doing this?”

I share reviews to you guys too.

Some real bad shit happened after i published my book but I didn’t share that as I didn’t want people to think I’m doing this for sympathy or sales.

I haven’t done anything to promote my book after it went live. I didn’t ask for a single review people have been super kind and compassionate.

I didn’t get into gimmicky stuff.

All I do is reblog my book related posts because I have fellow bloggers who check thier blog in weeks or months.

And I share book progress because I felt you guys will be happy for me. And you all played a major role in my writing journey, you should know about my little achievements.

I emotionally depend on this friend.

I know we shouldn’t be dependant on anyone’s approval, validation or appriciation. But isn’t it natural??

Especially with people who matter to you.

Maybe I’m not as strong as people assume i am..

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  1. Friends are weird about writing, as if somehow having a book out there to be read is a lesser accomplishment than running a race and getting a ribbon or having your horse or dog win a prize. For those things, your friends will be all YAYYY HURRAH WELL DONE!!! And they won’t mind if you talk about your achievement, post pics and interviews, etc.

    But a book? Eh. Who cares, right? My supposedly smart friends don’t even read books. Not just my poetry and romances but any books. Reading? Can’t be bothered.

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    1. My close friends read. And they were willing to buy my book. That’s why I wasn’t expecting this. I don’t know what did I do wrong.
      My family doesn’t read much. They are those smart people who don’t read but they were still excited and supportive.

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  2. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your reviews. It is interesting because your friends reaction is a common one. Often people don’t care to hear positive news. It’s unfortunate but it’s their hangup, not yours. Try to give your energy to the positive things and just accept that your friend is who they are, which may not be exactly how you would like them to be. Please don’t let other people’s response take away from your achievement.

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    1. I don’t care about opinions and reactions anymore generally but it’s very few people who really matter to me and have been an important part of my life. It’s sad when they act like that.
      I will never understand what people want to hear.
      I will try to move on, it’s more of a shock to me. But I think I really need to learn to stop caring about everyone and everything.

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      1. Send to the people you know wholeheartedly support you. People who do not rejoice and participate in your success and joy….they need not be in your life. (Oh and I am going to repost this under my Whisps of Thought Category)

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  3. That sucks. Friends should support friends, and even if it’s not a big deal to this person they should be able to recognize that for a first-time author every review is over-the-moon exciting.

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