Switching to slo-mo

I dont know why do this to myself.

I already had a lot of shit to deal with and I thought maybe doing something I’m passionate about will help.

But even to pursue your passion you need to be in the right headspace I guess.

My anxiety was through the roof last few days but I was avoiding it.

I thought maybe if I keep myself more busy I will be fine.

The result? Disaster after disaster.

Good content being accidently erased.

Notifications getting lost forever.

And everything just kept getting harder.

Then fear of some people and there lack of sense of privacy just driving me to the edge.

Then a the grocery store I normally get stuff from was closing so it had clearance deals.

Things just kept adding.

And then it was the too much point.

I couldnt move. My whole body was hurting and I felt I can’t move.

Thanks to a friend who understand my situation. She told me to take antianxiety right away. I felt i was actually fainting.

Now point to be noted. I only took that medicine because me and my friend is well aware of this medicine and anxiety and my condition overall.

Well. I just had it and told her I’m going to sleep. 1 hour later I woke up much better.

The thing is. You need to tell someone what’s happening to you. And that someone should be aware and caring or it will be a bigger disaster. You need to have people around you. I was in a scary place and losing consciousness my friend saved me from something worse.

I will be a little slow on blog.

WordPress only shows 100 notifications and you all love me too much so I have lost a lot comments but I will look for them an reply when I’m a little better.

So replies will be slow.

Mind is a cruel place. It tricks you.

I’m fine. Will watch a funny movie probably and go to sleep.

Or just take other half of antianxiety and sleep.

Take care guys.


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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12 thoughts on “Switching to slo-mo

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  1. Oh sweetheart, I’m praying a covering over your mind, body and Spirit. I believe I’ve been where you were. God bless your friend and for reaching out to them. I know how hard that struggle is to share or ask for help when you want to be strong enough to pull yourself out of “it” alone. John 10:10 – Just as an animal that is set apart from the herd is far more vulnerable to an attack – so are we. You are a blessing and your writing is a gift. We will be here for you when you can share. Until then, we will stand in the 🙏🏻 gap for you. God bless you❣️


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