Just talking..

Can you be busy tired uninspired and bored all at once??

Well I am right now.

So I will just keep talking.

First of all Amazon is at it again. After successfully buying some self published books now it’s started asking me about my location at all.. questions like are you visiting some other country?? Well I feel I’m always visiting some other country.

Bottomline..next time when you accidently can buy books, buy all of them.

I am afraid to answer it’s questions as my friends warned me “do not mess with Amazon!”

Can’t afford to lose pennies I gathered there.

So I don’t know. I will do something when have a less foggier head.


Yesterday a fellow blogger asked for help in her post which I reblogged.

I know very little about disability benifits but I really want to know how do you manage on it.

I know some of blog friends are on it too, any tips you guys have to offer? If you have a post on ways to stretch your income and how to save please do let me know I will gradly share.

A friend of mine already has a blog about different random ways to earn money and I personally know some of it works too. Her blog is https://wanderingformoney.com

The rest is just life..

A friend of mine asked me today how is it going and in a very long while i was clueless how to answer it.

“Umm yea fine, all good” is what I ended up saying.

Maybe that’s all it’s supposed to be in the end.

I hate the closing tone of this post..

I kinda miss you guys.

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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  1. I know people that manage well on disability. Or I should say, they get by, and maybe “well” isn’t a word I should have dropped in there. The level I qualified for was not enough to get by, and I got turned down like four times, and even had a hearing at a Federal court house and all that. So I gave up on that and did without, but nevertheless, I would have had to co-habitate. There are also housing benefits that come along with disability. Extreme budgeting is the rule of the hour for those folks. And while on benefits, one does have an official threshold of allowed earnings.

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    1. I agree.
      I have seen my family members on pensions and other fixed incomes but I not on disability benifit, probably because maybe it’s almost non-existent. It’s either you work or someone else had to pay for you.

      Yup budgeting is the key!
      But what if some unforeseen expense. Or maybe when you want to buy something or treat yourself once in a century? What do you do for times like that?? (Besides making a provision)

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      1. Some of those I know actually sell some of their meds on the black market for extra money, or even do other unseemly things…..

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      2. Oh. I deleted twitter from my phone. I’ll re install it in a little while and check it……… I gotta do my vss365 prompts and all that. the weird poetry. 🙂

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  2. With neither of us working, these three questions helped keep us on budget in the house:
    Do I want it.
    Do I need it.
    Will my life end if I don’t have it.
    If nothing else, it stopped us impulse buying.

    On the boat, being limited for space, our questions were modified to
    Can I eat it?
    Can I wear it?
    Where will I put it?

    Back in a house now, and we had nothing when we moved here having moved from…….. a boat. We bought most stuff second hand and have gradually built things up to make a home. Our income is fixed, and it’s ‘lovely’ how the government has increased the tax threshold on what your income can be before you start to pay tax. We haven’t paid tax for years as we’re not even close, having just our works pensions, and it sucks that we have to wait until we are 66 to get our state pensions.
    I keep a spreadsheet of our food expenditure and bills. Habit I’m afraid being a retired number cruncher. We are on fixed tariffs for our phone and energy, which has saved us money.
    Saying that though, we are a lot luckily than many as we don’t have loans or credit cards with huge balances to pay off, neither do we have rent or a mortgage to pay. However, we get no help with our domestic bills and local taxes, and provided things don’t go mad over the next 3 years, we can hopefully hold our own until official retirement.

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    1. It’s wierd I can relate to some of it even thought I have very different circumstances.
      Thanks a lot for sharing about your own life.
      It’s comforting to know you have been managing so well. And yes being a number cruncher myself budgeting skill are embedded within us and that helps.

      Thanks 🤗

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  3. Budgeting is not a foreign concept to me.
    I get $832 a month.
    Rent is $400.
    Heat and power, during summer, around $200
    Car insurance $50
    water bill $70
    $25 phone time and data (and I use it as rarely as possible to bank time and data up)
    Then I have to get gas in the car since we have an 18 mile trip to town every time we go, buy food, pet supplies, household stuff like toilet paper and laundry soap and this month I had to put a $100 renewal sticker on my car.

    If I am budgeting wrong somewhere there, someone can feel free to teach me how to get blood from a stone.

    When a non custodial parent abruptly decides to quit/get fired from jobs and stops paying for months and does it repeatedly…his actions alone put us $4000 behind. And that is something you can’t predict and the law does not force these parents to inform the custodial parent when they lose income and can’t pay so…often we are surprised when we check our bank balance and suddenly the money we counted on isn’t there.

    And on a final note, while I am on my indignant soap box probably offending more people than I have already this week…

    I have put in over 60 job applications this week.
    I got one precorded virtual interview and another in person one on Monday but an old blip on my history could make that a non event.
    I am trying and I can’t force anyone to hire me.

    Parents really gotta stop programming kids to ‘just do your best’ because when you become an adult you quickly learn your best doesn’t pay the bills, earn you respect, or impress potential employers.

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    1. No no you are not offending anyone here. I just asked blog friends who are on disability allowance and they are just answering that. People here don’t judge they are generally kind towards each other.

      I’m working on something I just need a little time to draft it.

      I completely understand your situation and trust me I still believe things will get better soon. Sometime when there is so much going on we can’t even see what’s going right.

      *hugs* 🙂

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