Adulting sucks!

Yesterday I woke up with some money and sales missing from my Amazon report..that got sorted and everything was intact..

This morning I woke up with an unauthorised purchase on my bank account.

Next I was running after a company (from where the purchase was made) and my bank..

You wont believe it, it’s been more than 14 hours I haven’t heard from my bank. It was a neo account so everything is on an app with zero human interaction.

But that doesnt mean I got discount on rest of my life.

At one point with one hand I was cooking with other chatting with customer support. And taking care of other routine chores and getting ready to go out..all at once.

But after a tiring day. When I just could die the moment my head touched the pillow.. I am wide awake!!

I need to sleep. I’m so fucking tired my everything hurts and my eyes burn but i cant sleep because theres so much shit to sort out I’m running out of brain hands words everything!

I have like a million of things that need urgent attention and I’m sorry I’m not superwoman or a magician.

I just feel like crying. But I think ran out of tears already.

Tried and pissed.

I want to go in past and slap my younger version for wanting to grow up!

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11 thoughts on “Adulting sucks!

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  1. Ugh! Totally sounds like the day in the life of an Adult! I feel ya. We have a saying “When it rains, it pours” meaning, everything seems to happen to fall apart at once. I also like to say “Who pissed off Murphy?” Of Murphy’s Law, which states, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You will get through it, maybe with a skinned knee or a bruised eye, but you will get through it. You have my sympathy.

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    1. I did!! Just got that problem sorted and will get a refund in a few days.
      I agree with Murphy’s law 100%. I couldnt sleep last night I was so anxious and thinking what to I work on first. My priority list got shredded.


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