Reading rampage continues..and some random rambling..

Abundance of rrrrrrrs in the title is a accidental.

Well wish me luck people I have successfully crawled to next incomplete book.

I recently imported my goodreads data from my old account to new one and it was nothing but embarrassing.. list of my “reading” book is longer than my weekly grocery list.. well that’s exaggeration but you get the idea..

Next target is hagseed by Margeret Atwood.

I have a feeling I am going to like this book.

Maybe because it screams revenge everywhere.

When I was in my a-levels a senior who claimed to be a palmist told me that I have a strong line of revenge. Honestly I wasn’t surprised.

I am not forgiving..and i don’t forget.

Sometimes I have to shove some memories in the dark trunks of my mind and lock them for a while but they keep breathing there waiting for me to unleash them. This hibernation only makes them even more vengeful.

And whatever I do, I can always hear them breathing.


Today I woke up to a terrible news. Some royalties were missing from my Amazon sales report. And my next thought was…Amazon you thug! You’re stealing money from a poor person!! How dare you!!

So I wrote to them where’s my money.

Well it wasn’t that uncivilized.

And I got the reply within few hours. It was there. I just had to adjust sales period.

Thank God!

And hey I trimmed my hair..


Well trimmed would be an understatement but I was literally sitting on my hair and breaking them like crazy…and I saw scissors laying around doing nothing..and was having bit of

It’s going to take a few days to sink in.

And I’m working on a post “money matters” it’s all about saving and earning money precisely. Let’s see where it ends.

That’s all for now.

Take care guys!

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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25 thoughts on “Reading rampage continues..and some random rambling..

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  1. It says in The Desiderata, that many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. I have felt used and abused, plenty of times, and have often been relieved, the next morning, to find it was all a self-deception. Glad you cleared it up with Amazon.

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      1. When my dad retired there was a flood of book in already packed study that he got from his office. And almost always had same black hardcover binding. Had to stick tags on all of them and make an index. Took us months.


  2. Nothing wrong with a little alliteration every now and then lol.
    I used to be like you keeping everything bottled in, to be unleashed at a later date. I had to learn how to let things go. It literally began eating me away on the insides and creating physical symptoms. On another note, you cut your hair just like I do LOL I have a moment of insanity come over me and I grab the scissors and tie it back and snip and all that anxiety about it goes away 🙂


    1. The alliteration was totally accidental and did help defuse the tone on the text later.
      I used to be on extreme ends. Bottles up things then I would just suddenly explode. I have somehow managed to tame those outbursts now. Only when I know it’s anxiety most of the times. Self awareness helps.
      I had to learn to let go too as it was too damaging for my own sanity and people never stopped being shitty.
      Exactly. Same here. My mental and emotional state is visible in some picture and I can tell what was going on just by looking at them.

      Lol. We could be twins 😆 thanks for telling me I’m not alone. Normally I do it in short trims. Like bangs/fringing or i would cut just few cms but yesterday I just went later I was like, umm when is it going to grow back.
      Yea. I had this urge of cutting my hair only when you hear scissors cutting your hair that urge fades..and then comes regret lol

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  3. Don’t feel bad. I have a long read list on goodreads as well. I am reading 5 books right now and I’m wanting to start a 6th! Why can’t I just read one book all the way through like a normal person???? My ADHD won’t let me. I get easily bored with story lines OR I get totally obsessed with a book. One way or the other. I guess there could be worse problems to have.

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