Sunday ramble

So it’s sunday. Congratulations!

Honestly nobody around me loves sunday.

This is one day that’s supposed to be the least busy day and yet it’s the most busy day for all of us.

I call it more of a gettingmyshittogather day. Because you have survives one weak and next day you will be shoved in the eye of another brand new shitstorm.

well. Sunday is working day here. But everywhere else its different so today whoever I called was in the middle of grocery shopping, cleaning, or getting ready for peopling (which is probably the hardest thing to do).

That unauthorized transaction problem got solved. Some human form of shit and curse on humanity kinda person bought amazon prime subscription using my card details.

Transaction took 24 hours to sync on my bank statement and everywhere else. These 24 hours felt like a bleak tragedy where a person keep incurring losses and ends up turning into a stone. I mean I just felt so helpless.

I told my friend I think that money isn’t coming back but she was like..NO you have the options don’t ignore it, its wrong..

Well thanks to financial position of me and my circle we don’t take monetary loses lightly. If someone tries to mug us they probably will end up kidnapping us because we ain’t giving you our money..not even pennies!

But I was disappointed in my bank it took me at least 30 hours to get to a human. I mean it was a small amount if it was more I could have jumped from somewhere in panic.

I am already looking for other options, might be changing the bank.

Oh pro tip!

It’s not really related but imp.

Never connect your paypal with your any bank account, if that’s possible for you.

I earn on PayPal and let money stay there in case I need to make a transaction where I don’t want to give my bank details.

That reminds me where’s my money making post…hmm..will do it in a few days.


Having a relatively peaceful day.

Nothing like a day when you can just be yourself and sit with nothing but

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16 thoughts on “Sunday ramble

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    1. Contact the merchant directly. My bank was telling me they would send a form so the I cant go in dispute and it’s going to take 90 days and if its not proven I will be paying some extra. That sounded too messed up so I contacted merchant directly and they initiated the refund.

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  1. With today’s world of being so interconnected these things happen way more than I like. As long as you are quick to engage with the bank and business things typically get fixed fast enough. Hopefully you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday 😀. Mine has been relaxing, just the way I like it lol


  2. Wow had to hit up their social media to get their attention. That is pretty bad. Would be looking for another bank, one you could walk in and talk to someone easily. Glad the rest of your day was better 😀. Take some time out to read more of that book by Wallace. That should make life a bit better!

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  3. I’m glad your financial hijacking got fixed.
    About 9 years ago, I found all these charges on ,my card from newegg and such and I was soooo mad and felt so violated. That may have been the one time in life being broke paid off, because I had like 47 cents on the card so the cyber thief got…nada.
    It was the bank;’s website and procedures that were to blame so I would not have been accountable and they did update it to more secure, but…Even now, I kind of giggle thinking of some jerk got his feelings disapppointed cos he jacked the wrong person’s card. 😉

    Sunday for me is ‘veg day’. I don’t swear off errands or housekeeping or any of that, but IF I am wiped out from the week, I feel zero guilt doing the minimum on Sundays. No rest for the wicked is an awesome Ozzy Osbourne album title, but in reality…even us wicked folk need a break sometimes 😉

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