Still a koala??

I have always related to that picture where a koala is wrapped around a tree embedding itself into the bark.

Imagine that tree is my friends or people close to me.

That’s how i have always been.

Parting always felt like my skin and flesh had become part of that tree and everytime I moved on I felt I lost some layers of me.

Life is harder for clingy people like me.

I wrote a post long ago about this koala situation.

But things have changed now I guess.

I have lost too many layers.

There are no more skin or flesh to lose.

Just bones tangles between a mess of veins caging the organs.

Just a no-frills engine.

Do I feel pain? Yes.

Does it hurt when I lose someone? Yes.

Do I feel I won’t be able to live? A big NO!

I don’t feel like that koala anymore.

With all my tenacity stripped I don’t even have arms to wrap around a tree.

Am I turning into a selfish person? I don’t know.

The fear of losing a tree, a person, a possession, skin and flesh or heart and mind..everything has dissolved into the core of oblivion.

Like life being engulfed by the black hole gradually when you were busy mourning your loses.



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2 thoughts on “Still a koala??

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  1. I have thought of myself as a koala. Kind cute, seemingly harmless but if threatened, I will cut you like I am shredding a bamboo tree and leaves for my supper. 😉

    I am still looking for my tree to hug and anchor me but with all my allergies, I’d likely just get tree hives…J/k.

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