Conducting imaginary migraine..

Friend: How’s your migraine?

Me: I think it’s moved down, so it’s in my neck right now.

Friend: Migraine?

Me: Yea

Friend: That’s not how migraine works

Me: It’s a headache.

Friend: That’s not how headaches work.

Me: But that’s how gravity works.

Friend: Dude! did you ever study bio? Like a single word?

Me: No. But physics, I did!

Friend: You are losing your mind.

Me: You can’t lose something you don’t possess..

Friend: Philosophy?

Me: No. Instagram.

Friend: Take meds!

Me: No.

Friend: Why. Take meds go to sleep. You need rest.

Me: No. The pain is traveling down in few hours it will be absorbed into the ground through my feet.


Me: Yes.

Friend: Don’t tell me you are walking barefoot trying to conduct an imaginary migraine..

Me: How do you know?

Friend: Seriously?? Get help! Take meds and sleep. Okay??

Me: How about sleeping on the floor. It will reach the ground faster when I’m in horizontal position.

Friend: I don’t believe this…

Me: I heard it’s hard to hold conversation with super smart people.

Friend: Or super retarded idiots. Take a pain killer and go to sleep!!!

Me: Don’t shout at super smart people they get scared.

Friend: BYE!

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