Sick and sinking

And I’m sinking again.

The huge rusty iron anchor is taking my down to the bottom of dark ocean.

It’s been long since i tripped and started sinking.

I wrestle with water to stay on the surface. But who can fight that pull?

I tried to unchain myself, but failed again. Instead it broke my nails and made fingers bleed.

My lungs faught hard. To breathe. To survive. But now it’s filled with ocean water.

I’m a part of dark ocean, it’s a part of me.

It’s getting darker and denser with every passing layer.

I can’t see any creature. Any trace of life. Looks like I’m in space only its wet and it’s making me sick.

I feel sick

I have stopped trying to see, trying to live. I have stopped fighting.

I’m tired.

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  1. An old angler fish with a light hanging down has been swimming next to you. Follow the light upwards, see the rippling shafts of light coming down to meet you. Do not worry about the water, it is warm and safe, the water is full of bubbles of air you can sneak breath from. It is bouying you up higher. Now you break the surface and see a blue sky. The hands of a fisherman grasp you and pull you out. Safe and warm and carried to a warm white beach. Stay safe dear friend. X

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