Good morning!

This is how I woke up today..

Like..good morning to me!!

And after few minutesof trying to recall the dream I had last night I found my self touching face searching for my features.

Are they still there or toppings have slid off the pizza in sleep?

I ran special touch scan on my special eye. Yes I have a special eye, the eye that’s a separate entity, it’s my spirit animal. We will talk about it some day later.

So yea. Toppings were intact.

It took me a while to figure out what’s wrong. Half if my face was having arctic situation, thanks to sinus problems.

Yea I have those too. When you have that big noses you have big nose problems.

You have to go in panorama mode to capture all of my nose if it’s a side profile portrait.

My life is so interesting.

Everyday is a new day.. or problem..or weather!!

So I was sitting there and thinking wow could I be anymore special??

I have different climate zones.

It will take a few hours and and extra coffee (and carbs) for all of the body zones to coordinate.

Sometimes you have got to let yourself be a disaster.

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