Feeling great 😀

It feels amazing to talk to someone who can talk!

I barely find people I can hold a productive conversation with. Or at least a feel good conversation.

At least something funny but not cheap or offensive.

I feel so good right now I talked to some people about my good times. My firm days and clients. And job offers I was proud of.

Very few people acknowledge that you did something for them and then even fewer remember and appriciate it.

Not once they tried to talk about my disease. Or tried to pity me. Or tried to blame every natural disaster on my illness.

They talk about me.

Whatever I made of myself. My struggles and success.

Not the misfortune that happened to me.

I was laughing talking smiling.

A lot of people think I’m aloof and don’t talk but seriously maybe you are being mean to me.

Maybe you forced me to shut myself.

I could feel happiness gushing in my veins.

And do you have those moments when you feel happiness is flowing on the skin of your face??

I could feel my face sparkle without looking at a mirror.

Their eyes words and expression were so genuinely respectful and lively I felt great to just be around them.

And secretly i was saying to myself “and they don’t know i published a book too”

I had a great time because some people were really nice to me.

Why don’t we do this often?

Why don’t we find this positive vibe often?

Do we even emit such energy that can brighten someone’s day??

It’s not really that hard.

Be nice to people and appritiate what they have made of themselves and don’t try to bring them down or don’t treat them like a crippled person when they are not.

And in fact they are doing tons more than people without the illness.

I had a great day.

We can do this to others too.

People should not be identified by thier illnesses and misfortune. They should be identified with thier ability to survive and succeed.


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      1. The vibes are very important. If the other person is giving positive vibes, we relax and do too. The reverse is true too.


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