Happy friendship anniversary 🙂 (updated)

Last year this day my life was a disaster.

Well it’s always a disaster but it was extreme and I couldn’t reach my family and I chose to not tell my best friend as she wouldn’t be able to take it.

I was having panic attacks.

And this girl jumped from blog world into my real one.

I was blinded by trauma I just read the mail and replied like any other mail from a blog friend.

But she was persistent. She sensed something is wrong and she stayed.

She stayed there to be with me virtually.

After just few days a point came when I was having anxiety attacks one after another and it got so bad I was just lying on my bed shaking so bad my bones would hurt.

I lost sense of asking for help and track of time and reality. And she was trying to get help for me in UAE from US when she didn’t know anything about me. Not even my name.

And I was like…noooo it won’t work…


It’s been a year and there have been very few days when we haven’t talked.

Most of the times we are last anxious brain cells in the mind of a puppy. Barely making sense of anything but still trying to listen and solve each other problems.

Oh did I tell you we have an imaginary bomb shelter (it was her idea) that we keep on renovating??

Thanks girl for keeping me alive and breathing in times when I wanted to die.

For motivating me and encouraging me to take chances when I lost hope.

For making me smile and laugh between tears.

And for constantly reminding me that silver linings do exist.

Thanks for being a part of my life

Happy friendship anniversary to us!!

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