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Hey everyone

I thought I will reserve Saturdays and Sundays for my own posts because I’m so used to vent here, I might just explode.

So yesterday I won a battle I have been fighting for years. The victory was a complete surprise. Actually a pleasant shock!

These moment are stranger. I just had tears when I really really wanted to smile but I felt somebody lifted a mountain of load from my shoulders.

So now onto next battle.

Because this is life.

What do you guys think about the reblogs so far?? I am trying to cover different aspects I hope you are benefiting from them in any way.

Well month of Ramadan (fasting month) starts from Monday so for these two days my life is going to be an all you can eat buffet.

I already feel I’m lacking nutritions and I’m hungry again.


Oh. Guys fb is creepy AF !!

 I when into hiding from rest of world and this moron went on to suggest me people I have been hiding from on my completely new account!!

What’s wrong with you facebook?? if I want to find someone I will!

Don’t scare me!

Umm book is still selling. Thanks to you guys for that as I totally suck at managing social media and promotions and all.

Like authors page of other authors look like professional ads and mine is just a misshapen potato. 

Maybe I will do one of those social media/digital marketing courses. Ever heard of coursera? I hav chosen a few for myself lets see how this pans out.

So far I’m interested in a financial markets, digital marketing and a graphic designing one.

Might do a writing one too, my punctuations are horror story, I know.

I’m a bit scared of this new phase but I have been dying to get to it. Pray for me guys.

Well that’s all for now.

Have a great day 🙂

Here’s the link to my debut poetry collection => Swinging Sanity

Here’s the link to my post about the book – All About Swinging Sanity

And I have an author page too, here => N. F. Mirza

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  1. I got stuck in Dubai for about 5 days during Ramadan about 5 or 6 years ago. Oddly, I found the local attempts to accommodate my non-belief a bit annoying. I would have preferred that they ignored me – I was the visitor and was perfectly happy to adapt to the situation (well …. not happy, but understanding).
    I have spent a lot of time in Bahrain and (especially before they built the causeway to Saudi) and always was made to feel welcome without anyone going out of their way to accommodate my own cultural familiarities.
    Likewise, I spent 5 weeks in Jeddah during the Haj in 1989. I found the locals to be very welcoming (and perfectly happy with my own lack of belief) without being patronising about it.
    I like the ‘old world’. I want to be mystified by travel (and even a little frightened). I want to be challenged by other cultures.

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    1. Stuck for 5 days!! That sounds uncomfortable.
      Umm maybe they thought you are not a visitor. Because they have a vast mix of different nationalities maybe they thought you are resident so they went on to be a little extra lol.
      I think it depends maybe someone else would like that. But extra attension bothers me too.
      When I visit a place I want to be invisible and just do my think. People treating you differently or being extra accommodating can be uncomfortable. When you know someone doesnt belong just let them be themselves.
      I have been to saudi Arab and I decided I can ot live there even though I’m a Muslim. I can’t be forced a lifestyle. I love Dubai for that.


      1. Yes. I suddenly realise that using the word ‘stuck’ transmits a fairly negative message ….
        I had planned to stay for 1 day. Managed to get an aeroplane in, but couldn’t get one out again. It’s not like I was being held captive or anything….


    1. I’m wondering is it even worth it. Writers groups and pages are helpful but most of them are doing like for like and gimmicks like that. My sole purpose was to secure my author’s name so that people dont confuse with someone else but now its showing me suggestions from my old account which I dont even use. The creepiness factor is insane

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      1. I think it’s because they make you give your phone number now, and that’s how they pull up those people from past accounts. Yuck.


  2. Ramadan Mubarak! I am careful about my Facebook friends. They have to have at least a pattern of posting, not just Profile Pictures changing every five minutes and not a friends list made up of thugs and lonely old men.

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    1. Thank you so much🙂

      I only added my friends and relatives on my real fb. I deactivated that around 2 years back.
      Now I made one to make my authors page and that’s where the creepiness started. It started suggesting people from old acount. Even though there’s no link at all.

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  3. I remember when Facebook raided my email address book and sent invites to everyone in it-they were mad at me. I deleted and disengaged after that, over 10 years ago. That and insisting I use my real name? That’s not gonna happen, I wouldn’t give my kid my real name if law didn’t require it.
    I think Facebook is a creepy stalker designed to connect us with good things to distract us from how much bad is done by that platofrm alone. Like a magician saying look over here and distracting your while he does his magic.
    In my case the magic Facebook did was get my limited friends enraged at me for them getting spammed with invites (it was still new back then, not everyone was drinking the Kool-Aid.) I will never trust that site again. I thought maybe Instagram but it is owned by creepy stalk ex (FB) so…Nope.

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    1. thats is so bad. I mean why it keeps linking people like that. we will find each other if we want to please you stay away.
      you did the right thing. it was helpful for me when things weren’t that bad in my own life and socializing didn’t suck that bad too. a time when I wanted to be in touch with old friends and relatives etc. but then once im struggle I dont want anyone to be part of it in any way. I dont want them to be audience to my misery. I dont want to watch their perfect fake lives.
      now I just prefer to live in my own safe shell.

      and yes the real name thing bothered me too but then maybe it helps keeping worse creeps away. I dont know. I just dont want to be at that place right now at least unless im required too.

      instagram is good to kill time I really enjoy its humor section. love funny dog videos and all.its. therapy


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