Watching Shrek

This is a very special moment in history of animated movies.

Because I am watching shrek right now. I’m aprox 30 minutes into the movie and I already feel I just checked a long awaited adventure off the list.

Let me explain why.

Shrek is for me like game of thrones.







Of thro…


I know!! Please dont freak out.

I am sorry.

I reaction when I tell people I do not watch got is bewilderment to say the least.

So shrek is like that.

I have seen at least 95% of all animated movies. Man I even watch rango and and that trees movie and I think every movie.

Their duration matches with my flights and they are safe for families as I don’t want a random kid peering into my screen and sink in a state of shock or break into a huge grin when somebody kisses on screen.. it’s really awkward.


So i have seen most animated movies but everytime I mention that first question shot at me is..”have you seen shrek?? Oh I love shrek”

And answer is always umm no?!?!

And then come Hmms..

I mean..what about other gazillion movies??

That doesn’t mean anything??

How dare you challenge my animated movie mental collection like that?? *shakes in anger and sobs a little*


I’m changing that now!

But that’s never gonna change for GoT!

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23 thoughts on “Watching Shrek

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  1. I loved Shrek! The soundtrack was awesome! Love GOT too, but I’m glad it’s almost over. I dislike feeling that I “need” to watch a show every week. It’s annoying. I prefer one movie and done, not a series. It interferes with writing and reading, which are higher priorities.

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    1. I love it too. Just watched the first one. I actually got convinced to watch it at a theme park. I loved the dialogues too.
      I dont think I will ever watch five minutes of GOT just because people keep shoving it in my face. Literally at a dinner some people left because they had to watch GOT. not even kidding!

      Exactly!! I can’t watch series for the same reason. Any series at all. I can only commit for 2 to 3 hours max and the thing must end!

      It interferes with whole life. Curiosity gives me anxiety.

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  2. I adore shrek, well admittedly yes l do love Shrek, but l really love Donkey and Puss in Boots! Brilliant film, but then l also love Ice Age too, in fact sitting here thinking on it, l love lots of the animated films. these days they are NOT just aimed at the children’s market but the adults as well – very cleverly done indeed, l think tomorrow l will do an animated Theme Time and dedicate it to you 🙂

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    1. Aww please do. That would be so nice.

      I am obsessed with wall-e and I love big hero 6. Yes now there’s less fairy tale stuff which I actually like better whoever the audience is. Better address real world issues. I liked shrek too, make sense why everyone used to ask.
      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Pleasure consider it done – we need some animations to make sense of the world – did you ever watch Over The hedge or even Barnyard, they made me seriously laugh.

        We’ll make tomorrow a bumper edition, l am really quite excited about it and looking forwards to it and trust me Stoner, for me to say that – is a lot!!

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      2. Me too, as said l am really excited about doing it, l need all the laughs l can get in recent weeks and nothing quite beats some of these films – so thank you Stoner for the opportunity 🙂

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      3. You are totally right – l also have done this, the humour is just refreshing at times, it’s easy and we don’t have to double think it 🙂


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