Depression – May, the Mental Health Awareness Month – May 2019 reblog # 1

Let’s start the mental health month reblogs with one of our happiest looking blog friend.

I was surprised when I read about his encounter with depression as we know him as that guy who is always spreading smiles.

It can happen to anyone anytime.

Please do check the full post as it takes courage to open up.


I usually don’t speak of this, because I don’t want it to mark my life in a way where I constantly need to explain what is happening with me and where I need to pose myself as a victim or something like that. I try finding courage and solutions to this, but sometimes it gets hard to do it. For now, I am holding this under control and if I might not have the worst kind of depression, this can bring some light to it and maybe you can see the adaptable solution to what you have or don’t have.

I write this to honor the Mental Health Awareness and all who have problems of this kind.

It all started when I was in the high school. If I had to summon my memories from that time, I would describe it as a nightmare and I also blame on the…

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