The Often Overlooked Value of Connection – May 2019 reblog # 5

This hits home hard!

When I would get anxiety my first instinct was always to shut myself because I feared I might embarrass myself or others.

Loneliness is painful but seems like a safe option when you are struggling.

This issues is addressed beautifully in the following post please do visit. πŸ™‚

Schizoaffective disorder and my life

Something that plagues me a lot of the time is this overwhelming sense that I am alone. The belief that I am utterly alone even when I am around people. It is such a deep rooted belief and/or fear that I struggle to shake even when I am told otherwise. The only thing that dispels this belief is experiencing the truth by connecting with others. It seems silly that even just texting with a friend has the power to save me from myself.

It is not enough for another person to know what I experience. It is not enough for them to have an awareness that I struggle. Objectively I know that I am not alone but my mind convinces me that everyone is just saying they care but in truth they are plotting something. It is surreal how far such a thought can take me but I am quickly…

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8 thoughts on “The Often Overlooked Value of Connection – May 2019 reblog # 5

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  1. Thank you Mirza for this. Your friend is spot on about connexion. Friends can be anywhere but real connexions, like soul mates who understand at a look or a word are harder to find. Writing helps to share, listen and connect sincerely I find. Keep blogging and re-blogging so that those in need may find support and comfort.

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    1. Thanks for your comment susanrouchard!
      I think it is definitely key for people to find how they best connect because the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. You’re right, it is hard to find deep connections though! But like you, I’ve found writing to be one way that works for me.

      I echo your encouragement to stoner on a rollercoaster πŸ˜€ Keep doing what you’re doing!

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