We need more kindness, all the time, everywhere.

I’m sorry I’m not able to follow an even pattern for my posts and reblogs.

Last 2 to 3 months everything has been too uncertain and I am in the middle of that phase where you have to really prioritize and focus on what’s the most important for you, or your life starts to slip away again.

You don’t get chances everyday, so really hold onto them tight.


So far I have done 12 reblogs, I tried to chose diverse subjects, thanks to fellow bloggers for suggesting thier best and most informative posts.

I really commend these guys for the courage to live with these conditions and for compassion to spread awareness by sharing chunks of thier own lives.

Thank you so much each one of you!

So today I will do a round-up so everyone can catch up.

Honestly guys, I don’t know what I’m doing. But I have a very strong feeling it’s making some difference.

It’s helping someone somewhere on some level.

Life is unfair. And every 2nd person you meet is masters at assholery.

We have people here who are genuinely kind and have a good heart. Collectively we can cultivate a culture of empathy.

I just saw a 17 year old committing suicide in my news feed.

Few days back there was a kid on my art Instagram I never talked to her but something sounded off. She said her friend is in a dark place and probably self harming… well to cut it short I told her to stay with her friend while I stayed with her untill they both went to sleep. That kid is like 13 to 14 year old.

It’s literally everywhere.

There are so many people who want someone to understand them, it could be anyone.

And don’t we crave for validation?

imagine living with monsters inside your head and people still not believing you.

Well. Before I get distracted I will go and start schedule the all 12 reblogs for today.

Please do visit the original posts and share your love and support as it’s taken tons of strength to write about thier struggles.

Have a good day everyone!

You guys are awesome!!

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