What You Don’t Often Hear About Bipolar and Mental Health – May 2019 reblog #2

The title said it all πŸ™‚.

Read it guys. This one made me smile for so many reasons.

Kudos to author for sharing what we normally don’t talk about bipolar disorder no matter how common it is. πŸ™‚

thanks girl!

Mentally (Un)Qualified

Emm Roy Doodle

For many, some of the symptoms behind Bipolar Disorder, as well as other mental illnesses, are more well-known – restlessness, increased periods of happiness, AKA a β€œhigh”, or going through intense periods of sadness, AKA a β€œlow”, and overconfidence/feeling overly insecure. But with many illnesses there are uncommon symptoms that are not as easy to understand such as: engaging in risky behavior like impulsive sex, gambling away a paycheck, or going on big spending sprees.

Those exact symptoms played a large role in my life for years until my first hospitalization. I frequently spent my money on anything and everything. I had close to 10 credit cards and all of them were maxed out. When I’d get into a disagreement with my family or my boyfriend, I would search for temporary happiness in the form of materialistic items. It led me to be $10,000 in debt, and…

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