Dude where’s my charcoal?? – charcoal sketch

Some days..maybe weeks back, because that’s exactly how I lose track of time.

So, some time back my bff said “umm I miss your art..”

And I was like..”that’s it!!. That’s what I’m gonna do now!”

“Now where is all of my stuff?”

I actually packed my art supplies, my art, board, everything that could give any indication that I am capable of doing anything on paper besides writing.

Well I hide my writing too.

Hiding your art and writing is liberating.

Well so I looked for a tinted paper and a charcoal wine and a tissue..because that’s all in would need for the sketch and..

Here it is..

I’m doing it after months so I am not really sure if I’m going to take it monochrome way or my bold expressionist abstract coloured style.

Not really sure.

Right now it looks like a human face that’s what matters.

Any suggestions??

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35 thoughts on “Dude where’s my charcoal?? – charcoal sketch

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      1. Pleasure – mm, a lot of my comments are hitting spam of late, l am starting to get a complex ha ha – WP obviously doesn’t like me.

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      2. Yes l know, they hate me, calling me spam boy – which is ironic if we think about it, there is a good chance we are going to be posting links on a few occasions.

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      3. Ps: on your lovely drawing, l think it is indeed lovely by itself as it is. I made a copy of it and ran it through some filters l have here that l use for my photography and none of them made a vast amount of difference therefore suggesting that in truth you don’t need to do anything more too it. I did run it through a burlesque rinse and found that had quite a remarkable influence on it, but only in so far as making the original more ‘romantic’ and innocent – so what l am saying is that’s fine, but l can show you as well, what l mean if you like by adding the image onto a reblog of this post?

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  1. WOW! This is literally amazing! I really love her lips.
    Considering my… um, unimpressive…. drawing skills, I certainly wouldn’t have any suggestions. 😀
    Nonetheless, I’d love to see more!

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