Movie rant! I need more arms

Was just watching spiderman animated movie and I am super triggered.

Why the heck villains are like octopus?

Why they have a bouquet of arms??

What do they do besides distruction?

So why make it easier for them?

And on the other hand, look at the heroes!

Ordinary people with toothpick arms?!?!?

Okay a little thicker than toothpick..but JUST TWO!!

I know life’s unfair but seriously? At least make it fair in the movies.

Imagine any animated movie or any superhero movie and look at the bad guys. All with longass flexible super strong arms..AND LIKE 20 OF THEM!!

You know who actually need more arms??


I have so much to do in a day. Shitload of work to do and tons of food to eat and just 2 flabby arms.

Surprise!! I have a sad pethatic life..

Like I don’t tell that to you guys in every posts.

I’m sorry I’m a depressing person but look at the world!

Even in the movies they have to show that the bad guy is always powerful.

Now don’t tell me that in the end good guy wins because it’s a movie.

In read life if we see a huge digitalized octopus like person person crushing buildings all the good people would just pass out!

Hospitals will be full of good guys..and graveyards too..sorry for making this dark.

But you see I’m pissed!

I literally got anxious, paced in the living room and at one point stupidly stretched my arms (you can’t make that stuff up) and I was secretly hoping at least 4 more arms to shoot out of me..BUT NO!!

Just my 2 basic af flabby arms stretched in air hugging my disappointment.

I’m just..

Where’s my chips..

Rant over!

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14 thoughts on “Movie rant! I need more arms

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  1. not to nitpick, but I had an issue of Spiderman where Mobius the Vampire had bitten Spiderman, and in severe pain and barely conscious, four extra arms popped out of Spiderman. He is a spider, after all, and they have a bunch of appendages. Also, just think, you would have to do all your regular stuff, then prowl around fighting crime at night with a mask on. File this one under P, in the Twilight Zone, for “more spandex, more problems.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahahah

      ok so now i have a strong case in favour of superheroes..they didn’t even care to give more arms to spiderman even though he is a spider. this unusual incident only happened in one issue. We want more arms for superheroes!
      umm you are actually right. i can’t handle my regular life, can’t imagine having a superhero life. i’m sure i will somehow manage to have problems that will still be bigger than my capacity to solve them even if i have 50 arms.

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  2. I’ve developed my Great Aunt Ruthie’s flabby arms… If I were to turn into a superhero, I could knock someone out with my flubber. 😉
    I think you need to watch paint dry in order not to piss you off. LOL! Feel better, Hun. No more superhero movies for today, okay.

    Liked by 1 person

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