My life looks like a broken kaleidoscope.

Is it ok for a mind to look like a candy shop at best and a dumpster at worst?

Too many shapes, colours and lights fighting for dominance.

Welcome to my mind.


Ever heard of Amazon merch?? Or low content or no content books??

If you know please I would love to know what do you thing about it.

For Amazon merch you submit your design to amazon and they slap it on a product, mostly tshirts and when its sold you get commission. I just came across this but havent even read much on it so any information will be useful right now.

And I heard low content or no content books sell too, like journals colouring books etc.

Any knowledge on that?

I have added both to money making ideas.

On the other hand I already enrolled in a course related to my subject and I’m eyeing another course.

So right now my mind is divided between 2 courses (which arent easy btw),

my blog (especially reblogs),

I’m looking for new job (pray for me please),

more online money making ways,

trading (I literally feel like crying as much as I love it,

I can’t yet muster up courage to start doing it),

my art (I literally have a tan paper next to me for whenever I get time I will sketch anything,

I miss being lost in that process),

my book, I’m glad and proud that I did it but I just let it float I think I’m not doing enough.

And my whole freaking life!!

Everyday I make a new list for same day and next day and thing keep on adding.

When I vent to my aunt she says it’s life just accept it. Accept you everyday will be new challenge.

Right now I’m in a good place. Relatively better. No depression, anxiety under control, no panic attacks (all because I’m just not giving people chances to ruin my current situation).

All’s well but it looks like a broken kaleidoscope.

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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Here’s the link to my debut poetry collection => Swinging Sanity

Here’s the link to my post about the book –All About Swinging Sanity

19 thoughts on “My life looks like a broken kaleidoscope.

Add yours

      1. Nothing really. You have to keep up with the chaos to survive. It’s ni more about making it big, it’s about surviving. And survival for everyone is different. It depends what’s okay for you. I have brought myself in the eye of the chaos because I cant not deal with a defeated life. I had a very easy option to lead that life and majority considers that a blessing. Maybe I want something more for myself and others.

        Sadly people around me dont understand this and that makes everything harder.

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      1. It is several series long. Patrick Jane is a con artist using hypnosis and psychology to understand people and rip them off. He then challenges a serial killer on TV. The killer called Red John takes action against Patrick Jane and Jane ends up helping the police to try and catch red John and helps them solve crimes in the process


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