A Great (?) Weekend – May 2019 Reblog # 24

An honest piece of writing that makes you feel good in the end.
A message of patience and hope 🙂

New Hope for Dry Bones

I am back after a weekend.  I am hesitant to call it a great weekend.

I could rattle off a thousand things (maybe not a thousand but a lot) that could label this past weekend a bust as far as weekends go.

I didn’t get enough sleep, things just didn’t go as planned and I even had a problems in a normally friendly environment, a Chinese restaurant.

But, even though things didn’t go as planned or even go what resembles what I call well, I can’t say it wasn’t a great weekend.

Friday night, I was able to work out with my son, get my truck back from the shop for less money than I owe on it and go to a Celebrate Recovery meeting where a testimony of God’s grace and redemptive power was the source of great and miraculous renewal of my faith.

Let me tell you this…

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