My Psychotic Delusions – May 2019 Reblog # 19

We tend to throw the word delusions casually in conversations and writing.

It’s a different story when this is part and parcel of a mental illness.

Kudos to author for making it through.

The Malfunctioning Human

Sometimes I sit here and think about my past mental health problems. I often think about those times where things were really difficult, and they are really vivid memories. I thought i’d write about three different times when psychotic delusions have been dangerous for my health, and sometimes dangerous for my life

1. I once stayed awake for two weeks because I thought the world would end if I fell to sleep. I would lay there in bed going over the different ways the world would end. I thought about all the destruction, thought about what would be left. Sometimes my thoughts were that I would be the only survivor and sometimes it was just that the world would burn up and everything would be ruined. I remember how ill I felt because of both my lack of sleep and how bad my mental health was. I had no idea…

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