Yes, Mental Health Disability Is A Thing – May 2019 Reblog # 14

I’m waiting for the day when a Mental Illness will not be labeled as invisible illness, as I have seen it doing pretty freaking visible damages!

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This morning my daughter said, “You’re not disabled, you don’t even have a broken leg.”

And so begins with rampant ignorance surrounding ‘invisible illness’.

I never once claimed any physical disability. My mental disability claim was only granted after years of trying to apply, being rejected, endless strings of jobs I could not maintain, and finally a medication interaction that caused brain damage. They did not just hand it to me. I jumped through flaming hoops for years. And it wasn’t even my idea, I have racked up two more dozen of bad references for jobs I am not stable enough to maintain, were it not for counselors and psychiatrists endlessly pointing out that I tried my best, I was legitimately disabled by my mental disorders.

There’s not one member of my family who doesn’t scoff at the notion of me being disabled. Because it’s invisible and not ‘in your…

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