Mad rant!

Man my life a disaster!!

I’m typing it with my one thump all coated in dry toothpaste.

Yep.. burnt it bad.

But it’s not the pain that’s bothering me.. its effing flaking dry toothpaste that’s worrying me.

Just as I hate the ashes falling randomly or sometimes flying when I see someone smoking..that shit triggers me!!

So I was thinking maybe I should start Eid preparation (Google Eid please) because it’s going to be super busy throughout.

Like aftars (Google aftar too, they are kinda dinners) so too much peopling coming days. And studying and preparation of food, no hint of shopping yet. Sis asked so what u wearing and I was like..umm clothes?? So I better get something this time.

So kitchen was like a factory and suddenly it was like Casper visited or something because I was dropping and spilling things everywhere.

As a result at one point i poured hot burning oil on my hand while flipping a fish cake with a fork!

Yes!! Who the ef (I’m trying to swear less in Ramadan and honestly failing alot) so who the eff flips with a fork.. well I couldn’t find the right equipment which i later found on dining table lyting in wtf!!!!

Well I dipped my thumb in room temp oil, somebody said so. Then placed me hand under the running tap water..somebody said that too. While I prayed I dont burn the fish cake as i obviously didnt have time to take it out.

God my life….😭

Well then i dunked it in icy water..for hours..

Then toothpaste..

I dont know what i am doing i was hungry af.

Like hunger was directly proportional to pain.

So in between dipping my hand in icy water I completed the underconstruction work in kitchen (shoved most of it in fridge to see tomorow)

And now I had to let it out so I came here..

Do you know I have 2 clips on my hair. They are the typical hairdressers silver clips because I had to be cutting my hair after all of that only if my thumb was better.

I wish I wa less messy. I admit it was my fault because when I work whole place is a disaster stricken area and I clean up in the end.

I would never be able to get away with a murder. That I know for sure.

Well that’s all for now.

Had to let it out.

Take care

And oh read the reblogs guys!!

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