A Mask of Despair – May 2019 Reblog # 29


i love this one!

Katie’s Words in Dark Corners

Napowrimo 2019, Day 21. Wasn’t feeling today’s prompt so just went where the flow took me.

Have you ever noticed,

That life seems perfection for others,

While for you it’s an uphill struggle.

A lot of it’s down to social media,

How our lives are public online.

We post pictures of smiling faces,

All the good times,

None of the bad.

We upload holiday pics,

Days out, achievements,

Yet most refuse to share times that are sad.

We compare ourselves,

While harshly judging our own lives and selves,

To simply not be good enough.

We see parents giving their kids the world,

Exciting adventures and amazing gifts,

Giving them magical memories to treasure.

While your efforts are sadly lacking.

Then there’s gorgeous selfies of slim toned bodies,

While you’re sat there feeling fat and ugly.

You share your feelings of despair,

Yet are judged as attention seeking,

A moaner, a…

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